Vel Charitable Trust, Palani

Management : Self -Financed : Self –Financed

Land :

1. Land Area in sq mt. : 5.13 Acres
2. Whether the Title of the land is on
3. Ownership basis : Yes
4. Title of the land is on lease
5. As per law
6. Duration of the lease
7. Land use Certificate obtained
8. For Educational Institution : Yes

Building :

1. Yes No
2. Construction of the building is complete : yes
3. Building is yet to be constructed :
4. Building is fire safety-proof : yes
5. Building is disabled friendly
6. 1. Common room for boys/girls available: yes
7. 2. Date of completion of the Building :
8. 3. Covered Area in sq mt: 33000 Sft
9. 4. Number of classrooms: 24
10. 5. Other facilities: ET Lab

Library :

1. The library has separate reference section/ Journals section and reading room: Yes
1. Number of books in the library: 3120
2. Total number of educational Journals/periodicals being subscribed: 1
3. Number of encyclopedias available in the library: 5
4. Number of books available in the reference section of the library: 50 5.Seating capacity of the reading room of the library: 50

Instructional Facilities

1.Details of laboratories available (pl attach annexure)
2.Arrangement made for practice teaching
3.Number and Name of school (s) for practice teaching
Facilities for games & sports: Yes Available
1. Own Playground: Yes
2. Playground of another institution on sharing basis
3. Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall: Yes Available
4. Facilities for gymnasium: Yes Available
5. Facilities for athletics: Yes Available
6. Facilities for Indoor Games: Yes Available
7. Facilities for Outdoor Games: Yes Available
Other facilities available: Yes Available
1. Canteen facilities available or not: Yes Available.